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Alphamega Cyprus Vegan Guide


Alphamega Hypermarkets are among the largest and most well-known hypermarkets in Cyprus. The Hypermarkets history started in 1958 when Mr. Charalambides opened his first hypermarket and in a short time period grew to become one of the largest hypermarket chains in Cyprus with a reputation of stocking the finest and most varied selection of local and imported international products.

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Alphamega Hypermarkets have a great variety of vegan products!

Address 1: Marina, Agia Napa, 5330 Amochostos

Phone: +357 77000088


Shop online Alphamega Εshop and Foody

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Born in NY Deli in 1913, Hellmann’s purpose is to help people enjoy good, honest food, for the simple pleasure of it, without worry or waste. Made with real, simple quality ingredients and real know-how and craftsmanship, Hellmann’s is the No. 1 mayonnaise in the world. From the start, Hellmanns’s brings out the best in food. But we have an even bigger role to play: we want to help people to #MakeTasteNotWaste.


Unilever Info

Unilever Tseriotis Cyprus Ltd

195C Old Road  Nicosia Limassol , CY-2540 Idalion Industrial Zone – Nicosia  Cyprus

P.O.Box 12800 – 2235 LATSIA – NICOSIA |


Starting in 1838, Knorr is a brand that supports the people around us every day, offering a passion for good food and rich taste!

We’re on a mission to inspire everyone to eat better for themselves and the planet.

We know everything on our plates has an impact on our health and the environment. The good news? Small changes can make a big difference.

Change the world by changing what’s on your plate.

Knorr Cyprus FB | Knorr Cyprus IG


Unilever Info

Unilever Tseriotis Cyprus Ltd

195C Old Road  Nicosia Limassol , CY-2540 Idalion Industrial Zone – Nicosia  Cyprus

P.O.Box 12800 – 2235 LATSIA – NICOSIA |


Γνώρισε την ΟΛΥΜΠΟΣ

Η ιστορία μας ξεκινά το 1965, στην περιοχή της Θεσσαλίας και συγκεκριμένα στην Λάρισα. Εκεί ξεκινήσαμε να φτιάχνουμε αγνά, αυθεντικά, παραδοσιακά,



τοπικά προϊόντα σε συνεργασία με τοπικούς παραγωγούς από τις γύρω περιοχές.

Μισό αιώνα και κάτι μετά, η ΟΛΥΜΠΟΣ ανταμώνει με την Κύπρο και επενδύουμε στο μέλλον μας εδώ, έχοντας για οδηγό, σε αυτόν τον νέο μας δρόμο, τις ίδιες αξίες όπως και τότε. Τον σεβασμό, την αγάπη και την κατανόηση στην δύναμη της φύσης. Την παραγωγή προϊόντων με γνώμονα την υψηλότερη δυνατή ποιότητα, που γίνεται  πάντα με ιδιαίτερη φροντίδα, απόλυτη αυστηρότητα στον τρόπο και τις προδιαγραφές παραγωγής και την μέριμνα για την προστασία του περιβάλλοντος, ώστε να φτάνει στο τραπέζι σου ό,τι πιο καλό, ό,τι πιο φυσικό.

Γι΄ αυτό και επεκτείνουμε συνεχώς την γκάμα μας με φυτικές (plant-based) και φυσικές σειρές επειδή, όχι απλώς γιατί κατανοούμε τις αυξανόμενες διαφορετικές θρεπτικές ανάγκες της κοινωνίας, αλλά κυρίως γιατί τις σεβόμαστε και θέλουμε να έχουμε γευστικές, συναρπαστικές προτάσεις για τον κάθε έναν πελάτη-φίλο μας. Ξέρουμε πως η συμπερίληψη όλων στο «ταξίδι» μας στο νησί, «χτίζει» τις απαραίτητες γέφυρες για να συνδεθούμε και να συμπορευτούμε σε αυτόν τον δρόμο της αλληλοκατανόησης. Και να συνεχίσουμε να βαδίζουμε σε αυτόν, απρόσκοπτα και κάνοντας συνεχώς καινοτόμα βήματα.

Αυτή είναι η δέσμευσή μας και η συνεχής ανοδική πορεία της ΟΛΥΜΠΟΣ την κάνει ακόμη εντονότερη, μας γεμίζει τόσο με ικανοποίηση όσο και με αισθήματα ευθυνής. Εμείς θα συνεχίσουμε να κυνηγούμε τα όνειρα μας, να ακολουθούμε τον δρόμο που προστάζει η καρδιά και η φύση μας. Στην ΟΛΥΜΠΟΣ, αυτός ο δρόμος περνά μέσα από λιβάδια, γεμάτα ζωντάνια, περιβόλια φορτωμένα με καρπούς. Και καταλήγει στο δικό μας και στο δικό σας τραπέζι.


Find OLYMPOS products at the location listed below:

SKLAVENITIS PARALIMNI – 1st Apriliou, 5280 Paralimni

DF – Delicacy Foods

Address: Graham Bell 18, Derynia, Ammochostos

Phone: +357 23823398


Address: 1st April, Paralimni

Phone: +357 80000033



Address: Leonidio

Phone: +30 210 010 9280


wagamama 250w Cyprus Vegan Guide


Address:Arch. Makariou III, Ayia Napa 5330

Phone: +357 23 020176


At wagamama, the chefs with their passion, expertise and the freshest ingredients at their disposal make their restaurants the ultimate destination of asian cuisine.

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The history of wagamama began in 1992 when the first restaurant opened in Bloomsbury, London and today they are present in more than 20 countries with more than 170 restaurants. Inspired by Japanese ramen bars and the exotic flavours of Asian cuisine, wagamama’s innovation is the new kind of restaurant experience they offer with delicious asian food options of high nutritional value and quality ingredients.

The brand is based, after all, on the belief that with good food we nourish our body and soul. Therefore, it is not surprising that the brand’s culture is built on the philosophy of kaizen which pursues the continuous improvement, balance and harmony. The kaizen philosophy is evident from the menu refresh twice a year in order to ensure the quality with fresh seasonal ingredients and to offer us a culinary journey to even more flavours of Asia with new suggestions for winter and summer respectively.

wagamama classics that people love to enjoy all year round are, of course, noodles with different sides and garnish, such as yasai yaki soba, but also Japanese ramen that offer us the goodness of steamy soup bowls to warm our body (kare burosu ramen is a must vegan try). The curry dishes, on the other hand, fire up our senses with their spicy flavours, having yasai katsu curry as the ace in their sleeve since is the favourite choice of all wagamama fans worldwide. As for sushi, is the highlight of the menu with a variety of options and for those with big appetite, a variety of colourful platters for all tastes. Make sure you won’t forget to try the vegan futomaki that comes to pleasantly surprise the vegan lovers of sushi!

From 2021, in fact, wagamama accompanies our favourite all time classic dishes with even more creative proposals and a new category full of freshness and summer vibes! Key feature of the category? The harmonious balance of colors and nutrients in bowls flooded with fresh vegetables and cool garnishes to continue our day with positive energy and vitality. These bowls showcase the basic principle of wagamama, that with food we nourish body and soul, and this is why these bowls are called kokoro due to their name meaning in Japanese: heart, mind, spirit.

We suggest you to visit the wagamama restaurants and enjoy the delicious surprises that hide in their menu. Let the experienced chefs travel you to the flavours of Asia and you can thank us later!

Delivery + Take-Away: 7777 7078 / App: wagamama cyprus from Playstore or App Store / Foody / Wolt / Bolt

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

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Welcome to Cyprus Vegan Guide

Healthy Life Bio Store

Address: 1st Apriliou 77, 5280 Paralimni 

Phone: +357 23823310


We are a 2 in 1 store and kitchen / vegan friendly with a huge variety of Organic Products for a healthy lifestyle. We are cooking for you Organic / Healthy Food, breakfast, lunch, desserts every single day. Take Away & Delivery.

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We introduce to you the 2 in 1 experience, SHOPPING & COOKING EXPERIENCE! You can order your Healthy food during your shopping or call us from your home or office, order your products and meals and we will deliver everything at your door. Our team promises to take care of you 100%. Finally, your opinion counts! Always, feel free to say your suggestions to become better! We promise to keep up the good work for a Healthy Life!


Our departments:

Products for VEGAN, Products for VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN FREE Products, Fruits, Vegetables, Baby Food, Bakery Products, Healthy Snacks, Wines, Pasta, Frozen Food, Herbs Essential Oils, Food Supplements, Cosmetics, Diffusers, Eco Bags, Eco-Friendly Cleaners


Healthy Life Eat Real Food – Organic Kitchen.

We are cooking for you with love! Thank you for the love and support!

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Hippocampus Restaurant

Address: Protara 18, Protaras 5289 Paralimni

Phone: +357 23020176

Pizza Hut

Address: 16, Protara Avenue, 5288 Paralimni

Phone: +357 77777777

Sushi La Bar

Address: Protaras 69, 5296 Paralimni

Phone: +357  96892224

Zaatar Lebanese

Address: Sotou Chatziprokopiou 2, 5330 Ayia Napa

Phone: +357 99881502

Costa Coffee

Address 1: Odessa Hotel Protaras

Phone: +357 23833235

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Address 2: Pola Costa Hotel, Protaras

Address 3: Vrissiana Beach Hotel, Protaras

Address 4: Marlita Beach Hotel, Protaras

Address 5: Arch. Makariou III 34, Faros Hotel, Agia Napa

Phone: +357 23730265

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