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Hello! Welcome to the Cyprus Vegan Guide!

This website was created with lots of love so that we can share with you our experience and knowledge of the vegan way of life!

Our purpose is to introduce local vegan and vegan-friendly ideas and businesses to both residents and visitors on our island.

In addition, we will share easy and delicious recipes and bring you the latest news about environmental and other issues, as well as future events that we are working on similar to the Vegan Fam Festival – the first vegan festival in Cyprus.


As a family (Vegan Fam) we have followed the vegan way of life since 2015. We were in search of a guide that would help us to confidently identify vegan and vegan-friendly businesses in Cyprus. Because we couldn’t find one, we decided to create one ourselves!


Whether you are familiar with this way of life, or not, we invite you to try our recommendations and recipes! Most of the time we prefer to use pure, fresh, seasonal and local products. We avoid processed sugar as much as we can, and replace it with other ingredients such as coconut sugar, dates or a variety of syrups. We cook every day and have created numerous simple –and sometimes a little more complex –recipes that we would like to share with you!


Enjoy them!


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Welcome to Cyprus Vegan Guide


Veganism is a way of life that rejects all use of animal products like meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, silk, etc. It stands against all forms of violence and exploitation of animals, and is usually adopted for three reasons… ethics, environmental and health.


  • First of all you will find dry foods that last for a long time, like whole-wheat pasta and gluten-free pasta. When time is limited, we boil some pasta, sauté vegetables and combine everything in the frying pan for an easy, quick, and delicious meal.
  • Sometimes we soak legumes like chickpeas and lentils the previous day, and use them to prepare more time-consuming recipes like bean, falafel and lentil pilaf.
  • In our cupboard there are always dry nuts and their butters that we either eat as snacks or use as ingredients for our cakes.
  • Grains like rice, quinoa and wheat offer versatile solutions and give us the opportunity to create imaginative dishes!
  • And last but not least, no dish would be complete without spices and herbs!
  • Our diet is completed with plenty of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables.


We try to visit all vegan and vegan-friendly businesses and keep you updated! We love vegan restaurants and respect vegan-friendly restaurants for including choices for everyone in their menu. In this page you will find vegan products, restaurants, cafeterias and services that we have tried and suggest for you.


Welcome to Cyprus Vegan Guide